03- 30 JULY, 2017

Enjoy your summer in Istanbul studying Turkish language and culture at one of Turkey’s most prestigious universities and earn 6 credits (9 ECTS) you can transfer to your home institution.

The Summer School Program of Turkish Language and Culture at Işık University in Istanbul has been offering Turkish language and culture courses to foreign students since 2011. It operates under the supervision of International Office and the faculty members of the School of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

The teaching personnel of the Summer School is experienced, highly qualified and involved in the production of teaching material. The Program’s role is not limited to teaching Turkish. The Summer School also focuses on various activities and cultural events, including various tours in and around the city, tasting and exploring Turkish cuisine, and courses of Turkish folk dances.

The university also hosts students from all around the world, creating a multicultural learning environment. Hence, students get exposed to the Turkish way of life and enjoy friendship and hospitality of different people in the warm and lively atmosphere of Istanbul. Our campus at Sile, a suburb of Istanbul along the Black Sea Coast, also provides opportunities for various workshops and outdoor activities such as cycling, swimming, camping, hiking, rafting and beach-volleyball.

Program Curriculum

Four week intensive courses enable students to gain the knowledge of vocabulary to basic communication needs, and the ability to have listening and reading comprehension, through exploration of Turkish culture, tradition and customs. Students can choose from three ability levels: Beginners 1, Beginners 2 and Intermediate. Out of class activities and cultural events will be common to all classes.

* There will be a language level test for those students who have prior knowledge of Turkish.

TUR 111 Turkish for Beginners I 

This four week intensive course enables students to learn elementary Turkish through an exploration of Turkish culture, traditions and customs. Students will learn the basic grammatical structures of the language –especially those necessary for fluent daily communication,– and will be able to comprehend simple sentences in Turkish. The written skills component of the course focuses on grammar and vocabulary and includes practice in letter writing on topics related to Turkish culture and traditions.

TUR 112 Turkish for Beginners II

This four week intensive course enables students to improve their spoken and written Turkish through an exploration of Turkish culture, traditions and customs. Students will improve their pronunciation and increase their confidence in the use of idiomatic expressions in conversation. The Written skills element of the course focuses on grammar and vocabulary and includes practice in letter-writing and essay-writing focusing on topics associated with Turkish customs and traditions.

TUR 211 Intermediate Turkish

This four week intensive course aims to help the non-native Turkish speakers develop their oral and written Turkish skills through an increased understanding of Turkish culture, traditions and customs. Listening and speaking skills are developed through an exploration of the etiquette and conventions of conversation, including the use of idioms. Comprehension and writing skills are developed through exercises based on contemporary items in the mainstream national newspapers and popular novels.

Class Structure
  • 3 hours of class per day, covering reading, writing, listening and speaking

  • Classes are held on weekdays between 9 am to 12 am, between Monday to Thursday 12 hours per week

  • Conversation hours are held with course instructors 2 days a week, supported with 2 hours of LAB

  • Class sizes are limited to 15 students

  • Fridays and Weekends are dedicated to extra-curricular activities including tours and excursions

  • During the afternoons students have an opportunity to visit many of Istanbul’s most famous places and explore the fascinating palaces and museums. Istanbul also has many great shopping locations, cinemas, theaters and international concerts and conventions during the summer

Cultural Courses


Students enrolled in the Summer School Program of Turkish Language and Culture would also have the opportunity to attend to any of the modules in the courses offered by the other summer programs of Işık University as their schedule permits.

Cultural courses are held Monday through Thursday, 2pm-4pm.

Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Weekly cultural and historical tours: Sile; Historical Peninsula & Topkapı Palace; Princess Islands, Patriarchate visit and Bosphorus Tour

  • Weekly talks by guest speakers specialized in Turkish culture, society, economy, cinema, fine arts, Byzantine and the Ottoman Empires (offered under ‘Istanbul: Crossroad of Civilizations’ class curriculum)

  • Weekly showing of popular Turkish movies

  • Weekly Turkish folk dances course

  • Weekly special dinners

* Some of the off campus tours may be rescheduled depending on the class size and local conditions.