03 – 30 JULY, 2017

Enjoy your summer in Istanbul studying Change and Continuity in the Middle East, our Graduate Level (MA) course in Middle East Studies at one of Turkey’s most prestigious universities. Earn 4+2 credits (6+3 ECTS), excluding or including Turkish classes.

Course Code: MES 515 – Change and Continuity in the Middle East
Date: 06 June – 01 July, 2016
Program Fee: 2,500 USD

Istanbul is calling you to discover politics, culture, economy and society of Middle East which has been home to many civilizations for thousands of years and where major political changes have taken place over the past several years. Located in Istanbul which builds cultural bridges between East and West, the program aims to look at the long-term social, economic, and political drivers of change in the region, and to analyze the political and cultural continuities underway across the Middle East.

Deepen your understanding of Turkey and heritage of Ottoman Empire with several day-long trips to major historical sites. This exclusive program is designed for International and Turkish graduate students and to all participants who hold a bachelor degree. Our program also includes an optional elementary Turkish language class to all participants.


MES 515 – Change and Continuity in the Middle East
4+2 credits (6+3 ECTS) –With/without Turkish language classes
* 24-64 hours of Turkish language class depending on prior level is optional.

  • WEEK 1: Setting up the Stage
    Historical Background –Emergence of the Modern Middle Eastern States – Perceptions of the Middle East in the West – Orientalism
  • WEEK 2: Politics
    Nationhood and Ethnicity – Political Participation and Democracy – Political Islam – Civil & Military Relations – Arab Spring – Israel, the Arab World and the Palestinians – Turkey and the Middle East
  • WEEK 3: Economy
    Oil: Curse or Blessing- The Rentier State, Statism and Patterns of Economic Development – Islamic Banking and Finance
  • WEEK 4: Society
    Immigration and Major Demographic trends – Women and Gender – Art and Architecture – Urban Transformation, Local Governance – Ethnic and Religious Minorities – Ottoman Art in the Middle East – Cinema

Course load: 6 credits (9 ECTS)
All instructions will be in English.