03 – 30  JULY, 2017


Discover dynamics of Turkish business sector, entrepreneurship opportunities, current economic issues and multi-national corporations through a study of Istanbul. Enrich your understanding of Turkey with the courses on its history, culture and tradition integrated with several day-long trips to major historical sites.

Gain cross-cultural sharing and social experience by the program prepared by the Management Department in cooperation with the International Office. It covers topics such as Turkish economy, politics, Turkish language and culture, human resources management, and entrepreneurship. The program includes seminars, visits to leading companies domestic and international companies, and business institutions, sport activities, parties and site-visits in Istanbul in addition to formal lectures.

The teaching personnel of the Summer School is experienced, highly qualified and
involved in the production of teaching material. The Program also offers Turkish
language classes beside focusing on various activities and cultural events, including various tours in and around the city, tasting and exploring Turkish cuisine, and courses of Turkish folk dances.

The university also hosts students from all around the world, creating a multicultural learning environment. Hence, students get exposed to the Turkish way of life and enjoy friendship and hospitality of different people in the warm and lively atmosphere of Istanbul. Our campus at Sile, a suburb of Istanbul along the Black Sea Coast, also provides opportunities for various workshops and outdoor activities such as cycling, swimming, camping, hiking, rafting and beach-volleyball.


  • Turkish Economy

Current Economic Issue, Istanbul Stock Exchange Trip, Current Labor Issues in Turkey and Recent Crisis
– Educational site visit (Downtown & the Old City)

  • R&D and Innovation

Managing R&D and Innovation in Turkey, Leading Innovation Company and Factory Visits
– Educational site visit (Nicea & Bursa)

  • Doing in Business in Turkey

Multinational Corporations and Turkey, Financial Enviroment of Turkey, Consumer Landscaping, Entrepreneurship
– Educational site visit (Princess Islands), Sustainable Design Tour at Grand Bazaar

  • Integrated Classes on History, Culture, Tradition and Activities

Art and Architecture, Istanbul in Movies, Ottomans, Westernization and Nation-Building in the 20th century, Turkey and EU
– Educational site visit (Bosphorus)

  • Turkish for foreigners (16 hrs load of classwork)

With Turkish Dance Lessons (optional) and Movie viewing. Weekend & afternoon tours complementing in class lectures.

Course load: 3 credits (6 ECTS)