03 – 30 JULY, 2017


Develop conflict resolution skills and improve your cultural awareness while enhancing your understanding of modern Turkey. Explore Turkish language and culture in a course cultivated with day-long trips to major historical sites in and around Istanbul.

Işık University Psychology Department in cooperation with the International Office prepared Crosscultural Aspects of Conflict Resolution Summer School class which welcomes all international applications and provides an opportunity to meet and study with people from different countries and cultures, on a cosmopolitan campus overlooking the beautiful Blacksea beaches in Istanbul.

The program coverage inludes topics such as inner and outer conflicts, defense and compensation mechanisms, role of traumas, recognition and resolution of conflicts. In addition to formal lectures there will be group work sessions, case study discussions, seminars, and cultural and historical site visits in Istanbul.   The teaching faculty of the Summer School is experienced, highly qualified and involved in the production of quality teaching material.

The Program also offers free optional Turkish language classes beside focusing on various activities and cultural events, including various tours in and around the city, tasting and exploring Turkish cuisine, movie showings, Turkish folk dances and drum playing practices.  The university also hosts students from all around the world, creating a multicultural learning environment. Hence, students get exposed to the urban Turkish life and enjoy friendship and hospitality of different people in the warm and lively atmosphere of Istanbul. Our campus at Sile, a suburb of Istanbul along the Black Sea Coast, also provides opportunities for various workshops and outdoor activities such as cycling, swimming, camping, hiking, rafting and beach-volleyball.


PSY/HSS 483 – Crosscultural Aspects of Conflict Resolution
3 credits (6 ECTS) – 16 hours of Turkish language class depending on prior level is optional.

  • The Human Being
    Human being, Social change, Crosscultural approach & interpretation, Function of stories, Wisdom and humor, Self-experience in group work
    – Educational site visit (Downtown & the Old City)
  • Conflict Reaction
    Balance Model, Qualities and dimensions of life, Conflict reaction and concepts of conflict, Development of capacities and personal transformation, Macro-traumas
    – Educational site visit (Nicea & Bursa)
  • Inner and Outer Conflicts
    Conflict reactions and conflict resolution, Defense and compensation mechanisms, Micro-traumas; Inner and outer conflicts; Key conflict and the reaction mode
    – Educational site visit (Princess Islands), Sustainable Design Tour at Grand Bazaar
  • Conflict Resolution
    Diagnosis and recognition of conflict; Problem solving/conflict resolution process, Crosscultural approach, Case study
    – Educational site visit (Bosphorus)
  • Turkish for foreigners (16 hrs load of classwork)
    With Turkish Dance Lessons (optional) and Movie viewing. Weekend & afternoon tours complementing in class lectures.Course load: 3 credits (5 ECTS)