Erasmus+ Study and Placement Mobility Applications


February 13 – 24, 2017

  • Online applications are accepted through the link A printed version of the application form and other application documents are submitted to the International Programs Office. Applications sent through e-mail will not be assessed.
  • The application documents will be submitted in a single and complete package. Applications with missing documents or late applications will not be accepted.
  • The deadline for application is February 24, 2017, 4 PM sharp.



Eligible applicant profile is as following:


  • Citizens of Turkish Republic or other countries officially enrolled at an undergradute or graduate program at Işık University
  • Having a minimum GPA of 20/4.00 as an undeergraduate student and 2.50/4.00 as a graduate student
  • Having the valid language proficiency. Işık Exit or Işık Proficiency results obtained after 2013 are accepted. The minimum requirement of English language for participating in Erasmus program is The applicants with a lower grade will not be assessed.
  • Applying considering the quota related to the department of the student based on the placement list of 2017-18 Erasmus Bilateral Agreements.
  • Having completed the 1st semester of the 1st academic year. (Many of our partner institutions set a certain amount of credit as a condition. Due to this, it is recommended to apply during the second academic year and benefit from the mobility during the third academic year.)
  • Attending the oral interview which will be conducted by the faculty of the student. (The interview dates will be announced later.)
  • Having a course load equivalent to 30 ECTS for the planned study period. All courses attended during Erasmus mobility shall have a credit information in terms of course load which will be transferred and included in the GPA of the student.



1) Filled out and printed Online Application Form

Online Application Form will be active in the afternoon on February 13, 2017.

After clicking on the “Send Application” button, do not forget to print and sign the form.

2) Exit exam result
(To be collected from the School of Foreign Languages before the application)
Candidates that do not have an Exit exam result shall check the “I would like to enter Işık Proficiency Exam” box and shall attend the exam that will be held on February 28, 2017 by the School of Foreign Languages.
The language grade of students that do not attend the exam despite checking this option on the application form will be assessed as “0”.

3) Transcript of Records
 (An up-to-date offical Transcriot of Records to be collected from the Student Registrar’s Office)
Important note : Students need to apply with their current transcript and the language proficiency document with the highest grade. Making a change in the application documents will not be possible after submission.



Selection of students is designated by the faculties / institutes students are enrolled at according to the selection criteria set by Erasmus Application Guideline. The selection among the applicant students that meet the minimum conditions is made in competence with the evaluation criteria and weighted scores declared by the Turkish National Agency and applicants are ranked in a descending order according to their score.
The final placement score to be used in the assessment of applications in 2017-2018 academic year is calculated as following:

Academic success score: 50%  (Grades on the system of 4.00 will be converted to a system of 100 according to the conversion table of the Higher Education Institution).

Language score: 50%  (In the calculation of the language score, Exit Exam or Işık Proficiency Exam result composes 75% and Faculty interview composes 25%.

Prior Erasmus mobility beneficiaries: -10 points. 10 points are deduced from the total score of applicants that previously benefited from Erasmus Study or Traineeship Mobility.

Attending mobility at the country of citizenship: -10 points

Applicants with disabilities (with the condition of documenting the disability condition) +10 points

Children of martyrs and veterans: +10 points



GPA: 3.15/4.00

Exit Exam / Işık Proficiency Exam result: 75 /100

Faculty interview result: 80 /100

Final placement score: (80.16 x 50/100) + ( 75 x 75/100 + 80 x 25/100 ) x 50/100 = 78.205
The interview dates set by the faculties will be announced on our web site and through our social media accounts.


2017-18 Erasmus Candidate Student List prepared by a selection according to the placement results will be announced on the web site of Işık University International Programs Office, with a listing including the GPA and the language score of candidates.
The announceed list will be a CANDIDATE list eligible to be placed within the bilateral agreements between Işık University and partner institutions. The OFFICIAL student list will be announced after the total grant amount for our institution is designated by the Turkish National Agency. In the case of the total grant amount not being adequate for all candidate students, the grant is distributed to faculties on the basis of the student rate. The distributed grant is then distributed  to students according to the final score ranking.



  • Except from the joint bilateral agreements, you can only apply for quotas belonging to your department.
  • Each student will be selected for 1 term, Fall or Spring.
  • Please note that your preferred institution’s academic calendar is compatible with the Işık University’s academic calendar.
  • The course transfer must be completed by the end of the late enrolment period of the next academic year, together with the grades of the courses you attend in the mobility. For this reason, please note that the students who will prefer Fall semester must have a minimum of 4 weeks between the final exam period of the institution they would like to attend and the Işık University Spring semester late registration period.
  • According to the program rules, there is no obstacle for the students to participate in the Erasmus program, transfer courses and graduate in their last semester. It is advised that the student who wishes to spend the last semester abroad is firstly need to get approval from his/her own Faculty.
  • It is compulsory to obtain 30 ECTS of equivalent course credit in a semester. For this reason, please check the website of the relevant university whether there are courses you can take during the Erasmus period (may be under the headings of ECTS Course Catalogue, ECTS Info Pack etc.), and make your selections by consulting your Erasmus Department / Program Coordinator.
  • Please check the application requirements of the university you are interested in from the quota list and the web pages of the universities, and check whether you meet the necessary conditions. We advise you to investigate the language level requirements particularly for the universities in Germany, Austria, Spain and Italy, to avoid admission problems in your application.


How to fill the Online Application Form?

Click on the link for the application form:

Make your system registration with Register option.

Activate your account with the activation mail that came to your e-mail address. The activation mail is sometimes dropped in the Spam / Junk box.

You can then access the form using the password you previously specified with the “System Login” option on the same link (

Make sure you fill in all the fields on the form before you hit the submit button.

Application and Selection Calendar

13 – 24 February 2017


Acceptance of applications via Online System Office of International Programs
28 February 2017 English Proficiency Test for those who has not English Language exam result SFL
3 March 2017


Transmission of application lists to the Faculties Office of International Programs
6 March – 10 March 2017 Language interviews and placement of students in quotas Faculties
13 March 2017


Transmission of placement results to the International Programs Office Faculties
16 March 2017 Check of placement results and announcement of CANDIDATE placement results to the students Office of International Programs
July – August 2017


Announcement of grant distribution results

Announcement of PERMANENT placement results


Office of International Programs

Monthly grant amount according to the host country

*Students can renounce financial support. Students in the waiting list can benefit from mobility without a grant.

Country Groups according to life expenses Countries Monthly Study Grant (€) Monthly Traineeship Grant (€)
Group 1 Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom 500 600
Group 2 Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey 400 500
Group 3 Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Letonia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Macedonia 300 400